Getting an opportunity to play in the international cricket team of India may be the dream of many but few get this golden opportunity. It takes a lot to perform exceedingly well in every match of international cricket so that one can maintain one’s position throughout. Not many are lucky in such a situation. Some may have made a promising start in their career of cricket but have later dwindled away for either luck not favoring them or meeting with extreme failure in setting up a good score consistently. Here are the five Indian cricketers who might have made earnest attempts but have later received abortive results for the rest of their cricket career.



This cricketer did not have enough luck in his favor to make himself prove a successful Test cricketer. He has perfectly played in the one day internationals but has failed to do so in Test career. The main pitfall for his plummeting career was his aggressive nature which is a complete misfit for Test matches as these matches require runs made in a state of perseverance. Suresh Rain made his Test debut on 26th July 2010 against Sri Lanka as the 265th player of India. He played a total of 18 Test matches and made a score of 768 runs at an average of 26.48 that includes a century and seven half centuries.

Suresh Raina has always served as a reliable player especially during times when runs were highly needed for getting a sure shot win for the Indian cricket team. But his drawback of playing the short ball soon became prominent. This made him lose his format in the game resulting in incessant failures in building up the perfect scores for him.


This young batsman had a very impressive start up in the cricket field that had opposing batsmen fear his arrival at the bowling crease. Maninder Singh was known as the heir apparent to the legendary Bishan Singh Bedi. But despite his prospective start, his Test career soon came to an end when he was just 27 with 88 wickets at around 37 averages. This young bowler had the daring attitude of fight, delivering variety and the ability to turn the ball viciously on the cricket ground that needed a spin. These qualities made him achieve match winning performances against England, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

But soon all his efforts and performances started disparaging. Even after his 10 wicket haul against Pakistan in Bangalore in 1987, he could pick up only two wickets in the next three consecutive Tests that he played. He was dropped from the team and tried to make a comeback in 1989 but all efforts were in vain.


This left handed opening batsmen played for India in Test matches by making his Test debut for his motherland on 20th June 2011 against West Indies. His career lasted for just seven years and he has played only seven Test matches in this span of his career. This cricketer had made a total score of just 320 runs in his seven Test matches at a very low average of 22.85 runs. He has never managed a single ton in Tests and has just achieved two half-centuries in his complete span of Test career. Abhinav Mukund got the opportunity to play against Australia during the Test series in 2017 acting as a substitute of the regular opener Murali Vijay. He played his last Test match against Sri Lanka in July 2017 where he scored 80 odd in his final set of innings. This poor performance during his complete span of Test cricket has made him lose the chance of playing further for the Indian cricket team.


This great player had confirmed his position of being a prospective cricketer for the Indian cricket team with many laurels. He scored a wonderful six in his first ball in the Ranji Trophy. Then he became the first Indian to score two Test double tons in a row against two different teams. Later he made four centuries in his first seven Tests. Till then, the average of his 17 Tests had reached 54.20 which mean over 1000 runs. Vinod Kambli had secured nearly 10000 runs at an average of 60 accompanied by 35 centuries. And all these scores were a certain possibility for him to secure the position of becoming a legend in the history of the Indian cricket team. His Test career had many eye grabbing achievements like smashing Shane Warne for 22 runs. But, he played only 17 Test matches despite having making such records and scores.

Vinod Kambli had played over 100 ODIs but soon proved him to be less productive for the Indian cricket team. He played his last Test match at the age of 23 and ended his longevity in Indian cricket with consistently poor performances.


This cricketer was in his great form until he was diagnosed with cancer. He was the cricketer who had smashed 6 sixes in a single over but nothing could remain the same after his ailment. Cancer made him face futile results in the field for which he soon lost his form and stopped playing. This player entered the world of Test cricket at the age of 16 in October 2003against the team of New Zealand. He was quite a consistent run maker in all the Test series and one day internationals. But the year 2011 started seeing his doom. So far this cricketer had played over 40 Test matches scoring 1900 runs at an average of 33.92 runs. He played his last Test match in the year 2012 after which he was never seen in any Test matches. Moreover his illness compelled him to lose his form and this made him give consistently low performances in the following years. He is no more seen in the Test matches or one day internationals of the Indian cricket team which has made many to consider that his career has come to an end.

These are some of the cricketers who despite getting chances have seen their careers end at a very young age either due to low performances or because luck was not in their favor.


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