If you are living in India and looking around for a good casino nearby, you might have to work hard as due to some of the basic laws, Casinos are not allowed to operate around and only two states namely Goa and Sikkim are exempted from the ruling in order to push the tourism there. Moreover, when it comes to online casinos, no such ruling is there and people from every state and part can log on, register as a member and start playing on the online casino website of their choice. Still there area few things which need to be considered before you make a pick from the available list of casinos in India.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus

Before you register to any of the online casinos, you must check out the welcome bonus they are offering to their new users as that will make you carry along some risk free money in order to let you play on your favorite game sand cash contest on the same online casinos. Moreover, it has to be real money and not just fake cash which can only be sued to play and cannot be withdrawn. There are hundreds of online casinos available around which are offering some great welcome bonuses and those needs to be checked in the process.

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Customer Support

Customer Support

It’s quite natural that you will be going through certain issues whilst you register, play or check around all the games available on the online casinos and this is where the customer support team of that particular website comes handy. The customer support team must be prompt in response and should be providing you with the exact answer of your particular query. Moreover, they must know your local language or the Hindi language at least in order to create the best communication forward during the process.


Online Casino Security

This can be quoted as one of the most important features to look at as your money will be on stake whilst you play along with all the Online casinos around. Thus, you must check whether the website is using the best and most advanced encryption software n order to keep all your personal data and money safe from all the fraudulent activities around. You may see around numerous website providing big bonus amount and random casino games to lure your attention towards them but not every one of them would be providing a safe platform for the money you will be putting on the bets.

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Withdrawals and Deposits

casino payment system

Everyone who plays online casino games looks to more convenient methods of making deposits whilst putting bets on their favorite online casino games. Thus, before you pick any particular online casino to play the game, you must check the payment modes in use within those website or whether they are accepting deposits in Indian rupees or not. This has come to notice of a lot of people around that whilst getting registered to lots of Online casinos around, they are only been allowed to make a deposit in either Dollars or Euros.
On the other side, the users also need to be sure about the withdrawal methods in the same regards and they should check the non-withdrawal and withdrawable limit within those online casinos. Additionally, there are casinos which release the winning amount in the long period and such online casinos must be avoided in the process.

Variety of Game Available

Variety of Online Casino Games Available

Whilst we are now assured about the deposits, security and all the other aspects, it’s now time to check out the real deal i.e. number and variety of casino games available on that particular online casino. Whilst this needs to be thoroughly checked on the website itself, you can check out our list in the same regards in the later sections of this blog.

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Support to Mobile Versions

Mobile Versions of Online Casino Game

Not everyone around carries a laptop or a desktop but almost everyone around got a Smartphone with access to the internet nowadays. Therefore Online casinos must also be supportive to all the mobile platforms like IOS and Android and this also needs to be checked whilst you are going to make your decision of picking the best Online casino for your preference. In case the Online casino with which you are registered is not mobile supportive, you will find it really hard to accommodate your game time with other activities in your daily life.



This is something which needs to be checked on priority as in a country like India, not everyone is authorized to run and operate an online casino. Moreover, there are certain rules and regulations in place for the players and the promoters which need to abide with before getting licensed with the permission in the same regards.

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